As I was driving to work this morning one of my favorite Rappers of all time, Tupac Shakur, came on the radio and I started to sing along to the Lyrics.  As I was singing I started to listen to what he was rapping and it hit me how off his view of God was. It was coming out as if God owed him Heaven because of his situation that he was in.  It was as if Tupac was saying because he had “A Bad Life” then God should let him into heaven when he dies.

First thing is that God does not owe us anything, and in fact he didn’t even have to send Jesus to pay that sacrifice for our sinful ways, but he did out of his Love and Mercy.  We must see God for who he really is and not what we make him out to be; the creator not the created.  When we start shaping God to look like how we want,  we are creating an idol rather revealing the Truth.  That is like taking everything that God has done throwing it on the ground and then stepping on it because we don’t like it.

If we see God as just a little genie in the bottle that answers our wishes when we want and then stick him back in our pocket when were done, we are missing the point. The Life that we live is HIS STORY and we just play a part in it.  Our view of God needs to be a lot bigger then a wish provider.  Once we start to see God for who He is and not what we create Him to be then our lives begin to change and we see his Mercy change our lives and how we view this world.

Just think, if we really start to understand what Christ did and how much Mercy God has on our lives, how we see everything we do will begin to change.  Unconditional Love will be our foundation and not selfishness.

forgiven • November 18, 2011

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