When we look back at history we see that when a city wanted protection from their enemies they would build a wall around the city to keep them out.  If the wall was big enough and strong enough it would be extremely hard to penetrate and take over. =

Proverbs 25:28

 Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.

Every single one of us battle with the enemy trying to constantly penetrate our lives so that we fall into sin.  He is really good about surveying our walls to see where the week spots are so that he can attack at those spots.  Those are the areas that we have to constantly patch up because they are where we are the most vulnerable.  When our frontline protection has been taken out then self-control has also gone with it and now temptations become actions

For instance, your week spot might be pornography.  If we don’t put up a wall of protection then our self control to prevent from going to those sites will be non existent.  So in order to keep the enemy from causing you to stumble in that area, there are things that you have to do daily to prevent holes in your wall of protection.  Things such as get rid of your internet access.  Not just at home but even your phone could be that hole in your wall that needs to be removed for protection.  What about movies with sexual content?  That could also be an area that needs to be cut out.

Are you struggling with longing for a companion?  Has your wall been demolished in that area and you are vulnerable to letting somebody take your heart that shouldn’t have it?  We have to find those areas that enemy knows about and is attacking so that we can patch up the holes for holy living.

There are tons of areas of our lives we could point out because we all battle with something, but if we want to live a holy life then it is going to require us to battle for it.  It just comes down to how well you build your wall of protection and how willing are you to battle for your soul’s purity.  It’s never too late!


forgiven forgiven • October 25, 2011

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