It’s amazing that you can read the bible, and even quote scripture but still not fully understand it until God gives you a true revelation of what it means.  In the book of Matthew Chapter 5 Jesus sees the crowds and walks up the mountain side and sits down.  His disciples then follow him up and he begins to preach the infamous sermon on the mount.  He starts to break down heart issues and how they impact the outward actions.  Half way through the chapter, He starts to talk about Adultery.

Jesus Says,  “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Matthew 5:27-28

Now if you are anything like me, immediately we hear the word Adultery and say, yeah I would NEVER sleep with somebody Else’s wife.  Or if I was married I would NEVER cheat on my own wife.  For most of us that is true.  But what Jesus is saying here is that even if you look at a woman with lust, you have cheated.  Adultery never happens accidentally, it starts in the mind and we entertain the thoughts of being with that other person.  It is no different than emotionally attaching yourself to another person who is not your spouse.  It starts with wandering thoughts, that move into wondering thoughts, and from there we invite into our lives adultery.

So looking at somebody in lust is the same as adultery.  Physically, Emotionally, and even Mentally attaching yourself to somebody else that is not your spouse is cheating.  Giving away a part of you that is not yours to give away, brings destruction to your relationship.  There is nothing good that comes out of Adultery and that is why Jesus shows us that it starts with where we focus our eyes and what thoughts we entertain.

We live in this society which has numbed our conscience to this idea, and that is why cheating in the mind and physical adultery is so common.  If we are involved in anything that is not pure and holy we are bringing destruction upon our self and those that we are in relationship with.

Jesus wants us to protect our eyes and not to entertain thoughts that could be adulterous.  This applies to looking at people of the opposite sex longer than you should, looking at pornography, and even day dreaming about somebody who caught your eye.  These are all serious things and Jesus calls them all Adultery.  Every time we do this, we cheat on our spouses or if you are not married yet, future spouse.

So if this is you, just remember how serious it is, but also remember that we are saved by grace.  God wants us out of bondage because He knows it isn’t good for us.  So if you struggle in this area and many of us do, seek out help and get prayed for.  There is hope and freedom in Christ!  That begins today!


forgiven • November 20, 2017

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