Eh Cues Me


I had just walked out of CVS fully loaded with a fresh stock of well needed toilet paper and coffee creamer.  As I was heading to my car fully excited about this amazing bag of goodies I heard a voice in the distance “Eh Cues Me”?  I started to look around to see what was going on and noticed this lady steady approaching me with this little boy.  “Eh Cues Me”  She said again.

Highly Confused on what she was saying I looked her right in the eyes and said “Excuse me?”  and it clicked… that’s what she was saying.  So I said “How can I help you?”  Her jaw seemed to be shivering as if she was on drugs or had some kind of effect from them.  She said “I am tryn ta go ta Smart n final fo some foo.”

Right then I had no idea what to do, I had to leave because people were meeting me at my house, so I prayed and asked her to tell me her story.  Was she on the streets and why she didn’t have enough money to get food?  She replied ” My dawta just gots a job today, n I am watchin her son.”  She went on to tell me how she just couldn’t afford to get food and didn’t want to say that to her daughter.  So I looked down into the little mans eyes and this sense of compassion overcame me.  His big beautiful black eyes were clueless to what was going on but he looked right at me wondering who I was.  I dropped down to this two you year old and ask him what his name was and he mumbled something that made no sense so I said… “eh cues me”? and he said it again.  Finally his grandma said his name is AJ, so I looked down at AJ and said how you doing?  And then put my hand out for a high five and with a big smile he reached up and gave me a five.

I looked at the grandma and said let’s head over to smart and final and I will get you some food.  As we were walking over she said ” I nee sum chickn.”  I was alright lets go to the chicken isle and I will hook you up.  As we were walking back to the register, she said “wait, I nee sum tatoes.”  I said “Ok, Let’s get you some potatoes.”  Again walking back to the register she looked at me and said “wait, I nee sum jews”.  Jews?  That one kinda through me off.. I was like Jesus is a Jew!  Does that count?  She said “JEWS”.  “oh.. Ok, lets get you some juice. So is dinner at your pad tonight?  I think you are going to be eating better than I am!”  She laughed and we walked up to the register.

After checkout, we walked outside and I asked her if I could pray for her.  “What is your name” I asked?  She said “Faye”.  With a big smile she said “o cose you can pray fo me I needs it”.  So that’s what I did I prayed for her and explained what God has done in my life and why I cared so much to do this.  She looked at me and smiled, we shook hands and departed ways.

That took time out of my normal schedule and cost me almost $25 dollars. But I tell you what, her eternal salvation is worth more than that and I pray that she will find the same Joy that I have found is Jesus Christ.  You can change the lives of others if you are willing!  Let’s not just be hearers of what God calls us to do but let’s also be doers of the word of God.

God Bless you and if you are encouraged by this, please share it.

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forgiven forgiven • November 14, 2013

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  1. steve November 14, 2013 - 6:43 pm

    Great account, Travis. Seemes like you are getting some E-vangie Tales of your own!

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