The question is…

Do the words that we speak about others really matter?

You can’t turn on any form of media nowadays without listening to the opinions of other people.  And for me, it is very rare to hear anything positive and encouraging from the mouths of those talking about others.  But how does that impact us when we listen to what is being said?  Do you think it changes your view on how you see that person being talked about?

Think about the last person you heard talking about another person.  What was your view of them before?  Were you persuaded to think differently of them just by the words that were being said?  For some, it might be easy to turn off the words of gossip and not think any differently of that person.  But for most, words do impact how we see one another and if somebody is talking negative about a person, that will cause us to think the same way.

Why do you think media uses this tactic to pursuade people into believing something that pushes thier agenda?  Because it works…  Don’t believe me… Think about “Trump”.  Good? Or Bad? Your feelings are based off of what you see on the media.   Have you ever met the man?  How well do you know him?  Do you know first hand all the good or bad that he has done?  Of course you don’t, but your view of him is built from what you have heard about him, whether it is from the media or the words of those around you that talk about him.

So how does this apply to us?  Well if we are pursuaded to think a certain way because of what people say, then what we say is very important.  The way we talk about others must be looked at and we must realize that we can either lift up or tear down people with what we say.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.  Ephesians 4:29

Our words are extremely powerful and they can be used to manipulate, tear down, persuade, reveal truth, and so much more.  I want to encourage you to use them to speak life into people.  Use them for good and change the mindset of others with words of encouragement.  Point people to the Truth and see lives changed.  And when you hear people gossip and slander, be careful what you listen to because it will affect you with how you see people.  It is really hard to see the best in people when you are pursuaded only to see the worst.  Protect yourself from words of death and speak life.

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forgiven • June 28, 2019

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