Money is the root of all evil!!  Right?

Actually money in itself is not evil, the actual scripture says “the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evils.” 1 Timothy 6:10

Money is not bad, it just an object that can’t do anything by itself.  What the scripture talks about is that the heart directs what you do with the money.  When your heart is hard and is full of selfishness, then what you use that money for will be evil.  If your heart is good and loves God, then you will use that money for His glory.

I didn’t understand this until I started to look at my heart and see where I was spending my money.  Everything was for the sake of my pleasure and my enjoyment.  I really wanted to live a flash life with many things.  So with all the money that I had, I ended up spending it on more cars, tv’s, and other big objects.  Whatever I bought, I thought it would make me happy.  Nothing ever fully satisfied and I just ended up buying more things to protect my things, it was a countless search for things that I thought would fill my heart with joy.

Nothing that I had was evil, but it was my heart that was wrong.  God revealed to me my selfishness through the material that I had.  My heart was rotten and no matter what I purchased that would not change.  It was only God that could transform my heart into becoming more selfless.  My life began to change from gathering as much as I could to giving more.  The more I gave the more I enjoyed life, and what I found was that the things I owned really owned me.  It wasn’t until I gave them away that I started to see the freedom from my possessions.

My worries have become less because I no longer have to spend time thinking about the “what ifs”.  What if they get destroyed, stolen, or even stop working.  It has become more of who can I bless with my time and help financially.  There are so many struggling people out there, but so many times we can’t see past our materialism to even see all the need.

Our wants get in the way of helping those in need.  When we love money, we don’t love God.  When we love God, we can help people who God calls us to help and have a huge impact on people who are just looking for God to show up in prayer.  We can be those people who God uses to show His glory!

My life is a simple life and I am free to go wherever He calls me to go, because I know longer am a slave to money or materials.  I hope that you will also find that freedom to love God fully without any other idols getting in your way. This life is an amazing life when you surrender it all to God and trust Him with your everything.  God bless you!


forgiven forgiven • June 20, 2015

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