I don’t know if you have ever experienced the messiness of life, but it can be tough sometimes to want to continue to keep moving forward.  I want to ask you, what do you do when you face trials?  When you lose your job? When your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you?  When you feel like everybody is against you?    When you the person you love most dies?  When you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?  When the worst thing you can ever think about happens?  What happens when a trial comes up in your life?  Do you become the Victim or the Victor when you are knocked down with something outside of your control?

Many times our first reaction is to look at our circumstances and feel like we are the victim.  We start to question “why does this happen to me when I don’t deserve all this”?  We feel as though it is out of our hands and there is nothing we can do about it, but crawl up in a hole and feel sorry for ourselves.  That hardship can create a mindset of looking inward at ourselves and saying poor me.  Then sometimes we think we can feel better about ourselves if we get others to feel sorry for us.  But the problem about having a victim mentality is that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do.  The more  you start to focus on yourself and how much you are the victim in the situation, the less you focus on God and helping others.

When you make a habit of being the victim, fear of being hurt from others overtakes you and that is how the enemy successfully takes you out of the game .  You become afraid of doing the hard things because you feel better about always being the victim.  Instead of having an impact with the things you can do, you dodge them just in case something goes wrong.  Then at least you can’t get blamed for failing, right?  If it isn’t your fault then you can’t be the one to blame, and you are free from the guilt that comes with it.  But that isn’t always the case;  we can play the victim so much that we push others away.  Nobody really wants to be around somebody who is always playing the victim.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf, you just don’t know when they are really hurting because they are always wanting you to feel sorry for them.  But here is the beautiful part about this, we don’t have to play the victim, even if you are the victim, you are a VICTOR in Christ.

Jesus was our ultimate example of this.  If anybody could have played the victim it was Him.  He didn’t deserve to be accused, whipped, beaten, hung on a cross, and left for death.  No way!  But He was a victor!  His victory was in defeating death in a way that was totally selfless.  He knew what it meant to pick up His cross daily, humble Himself and quietly lay down his life.  He was a big picture guy and wanted to show us how to live even when we feel like life is too hard to go on.  He knew that every trial we face, we could count it all joy because it would test our faith and bring us to completion.  It would bring us Godly character and God would be more gloried in how we act as a Christian through the pain and the suffering. We are VICTORS in CHRIST!

When we start to see our trials as blessings because God can be glorified even in the midst of our pain, we can consider everything pure joy knowing that God is satisfied in our love for Him.  So next time a trial hits, and it will hit, remember that even if you are a victim you don’t have to ride the victim wave because you are a Victor in Christ.


forgiven • March 1, 2017

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