An Interesting Encounter

I went into Starbucks to get into word last night but as I walked in, it was packed.  There didn’t seem to be a good spot to sit down, lay out my books and read.  So I went ahead and ordered my large vanilla spice latte in hopes that a seat would open up and I would find a place to sit.  As I went to pick up my drink I noticed a secret spot that had 4 open seats at the bar area.  Perfect!  So sat there and had plenty of space to relax and layout the commentaries and bible.  There were two open seats to my left and one open seat to my right and then a girl studying in the next seat.  So I started to pray, “Father reveal your word to me as I dig in and if your will is for me to talk to somebody about you, then there are seats here that can be fill for that purpose… amen”.

As I was studying, this older gentleman came up and started to move the girls stuff out of the way to sit down and read his book that looked pretty ancient.  So I offered to move over and give him some space, which he didn’t need and then he put his book down and had a seat.  I had to do it because it seamed like God was putting him there for a reason so I just simply asked,  “So, Uh, What are you reading?”

Talk about the door to this guys life, He began to fully tell his life story through this history calendar book and pretty much walked me through how 90% of his people were destroyed through genocide and how his country pretty much doesn’t exist today.   He went on to explain his experience during world war 2 and how he made it to America and didn’t stop there; the conversation transition into what he believed about religion and how it’s just made up for people to feel good about themselves.  He really wasn’t keen to talking about it and felt that it’s a subject that we couldn’t fully understand so why even waist the time.

I knew that I wasn’t going to get through to this guy about how amazing God really is.  He didn’t want to hear it so I just sat there and listened to his story and was pretty blown away a this guys life and what he had gone through.  God really blessed him with many talents and was really smart but that seemed to be where he was stuck in his ways.  So I just prayed for guidance and opportunities to talk about God while a heart to love this man in this tough situation.

So many times we want to just slap people upside the head and say “BELIEVE”.  It doesn’t make sense to us why they don’t just set aside their ways and open their eyes to the Truth.  But then I remember that I was once this man, who didn’t want to talk about God, because then I was accountable for knowing.  When you finally truly get how amazing God is, our lives are changed and He reveals Truth to us that makes sense.  We are finite beings and can’t fully understand how BIG God is, but he does give us a brain and enough evidence here on earth and in the cosmos to know that He is real.

So what happened next?  I just sat there and asked him simple questions about what he believed and why he was an atheist.  As he was talking I would just sit there and listen to what he had to say, and then show him that everything he had just told me points to there being a creator.  The stars, the human body, how we have brains and a conscience, we went on for a couple hours talking about a lot of difference phenomenons. Its amazing how we all know deep down inside that there is a God, but most people just choose to not want to know.  Sometimes we just have to listen to people work out what they believe as we ask the simple questions.  It’s when we really start to question what we believe, that we find out what we really believe.  Remember we are all given the opportunity to either accept Jesus or Deny Him,  what will you choose?


forgiven forgiven • February 12, 2013

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