When you go to a other countries you get to experience different ways of life. For me the stories of Africa that I heard about became so much more than just that, it became real.  They were not longer just words in passing but a reality that was before me.

In Africa, anytime you want to do something in the villages you have to get the approval from the Chief to come in. The team setup an outreach crusade in one of the local villages where witchcraft was the primary practice. It is a very evil place where real people practiced things that I thought were only in the movies. Ceremonies filled with Satan worship where they can do things to people through the spiritual realm.

Now being new to this I didn’t know much about it. We had to prepare weeks in advance to pray against the evil that we would encounter. During one of the prayer sessions one of the guys was saying that when they do these crusades, the enemy wants to disrupt all that is going on and usually there will be somebody that will come up and try to stop the whole thing, sometimes with machetes in hand. They would do whatever it takes to get us to leave,  So we prayed hard against that and for a covering over the outreach.

The day of, we showed up, set up and then started preaching over a loud speaker into the open so that many would come.  I got up to preach, still praying against any interruptions and everything finished up smoothly with an audience who was hungry to hear the word of God. And also curious about this tall white boy that was in their village.

We continued for a while with different people preaching and as I was standing on the outskirts of outreach right next to the road, all of a sudden I got this crazy ut oh feeling in my gut and just started to pray. I looked down the road to find this guy who just looked like he was demon possessed. I just sensed an evil spirit that I have never sensed before and as I looked over at the people I was with, they too must have sensed it because they were staring at him to make sure that everybody would be safe.

The guy was walking right toward me and I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept focused on the outreach so that people wouldn’t be distracted by the white guy! As he got closer, I prepared myself for anything that would happened and really just prayed. But thank God he slowly kept walking down the street with his strong intense stare. We were good but I wanted to keep an eye on him just in case. About 40 yards down the road, he stops, turns around and just starts staring at me with this look like he was going to kill me. So, I pulled out my camera and took a picture… Like any good photographer would do! haha

I don’t think he liked that and started to walk back right towards me. I put the camera away and again started praying, “God I think this guy is demon possessed and active in witchcraft. I pray for protection over everybody here.”

He walked right up to the outskirts of crusade and stopped. I had no idea what he was doing but had to prepare for the very worse because of all the stories that the people here have told me about. As he just stood there looking at the ground he reached into his bag and left his hand inside.  Not sure what He was going to do I just watched and prayed waiting to see what his next move would be.

He started to walk right towards the guy who was preaching and everybody watching just stopped with curiosity about what was going to happen next.  Slowly taking one step at a time, he pulled his hand out of his bag and and kept walking through the crowd to the other side.  Once he made it to the other side, with his head down, just kept walking never to look back.

My prayer was “God if you want him to be saved I pray that he would stay and listen, but if he is here for evil, may he continue to keep walking.”  I wanted to see this guy delivered from evil, but I think the man had other plans.  He was there to do evil and my guess was trying to even do witchcraft on the people to prevent the word of God from being preached. But because our God is so much bigger, he had no power and had to go!

This is a common story here in Malawi that seemed so unreal until I experienced it first hand. Witchcraft and evil is actually worshiped here and you can just sense it’s presence when you are around it. This was definitely an eye opener and has caused me to have a stronger understanding of the power of prayer. Let’s not get lazy, but be in prayer against all the evil in this world.

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forgiven • October 19, 2017

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