I ran into a girl named Entitled yesterday.  She had a very interesting story.  From a young age she had been born into a family that gave her everything that she wanted.  “No” was not in her vocabulary because the parents felt that if they said “no”, it would take away her happiness.  As she got older she became accustomed to a lifestyle that everything revolved around her.  The people around her had to conform to her ways in order to please her and make her happy.  If she didn’t get what she wanted, she would make a fuss and either play the victim and manipulate the person into what she desired or just straight outrage and cause a scene.  This became her, and she felt like the world owed her everything and she deserved to get her way.  Her mentality was that she was God’s gift to this world and the people around her should be blessed that she existed.

But over time, the more she was around, people started to get fed up with Entitled.  They felt like she was selfish, spoiled, just down right unpleasant to be around and drained them of life because she took everything she wanted and never gave back.  So over time, the people in her life got fed up and just couldn’t handle being around her anymore.  Even those who were closes to her and wanted to see change didn’t have enough energy and resources to please her.  They too left and pulled away.

But the problem with Entitled, was she was so drenched in pride that she couldn’t see what was going on.  She didn’t realize that who she had become, had caused everybody to walk out of her life.  If was her actions that was pushing everybody away, not the people doing anything wrong.

One day, Entitled was walking down the street and really started to question why she was so lonely and didn’t have anybody close that she could talk with.  She was filled with hurt and felt like everybody had turned their back on her and walked away.  She began to cry and uncontrollable tears started to run down her cheek and right at that moment a girl named Humility came up to her and said “Are you ok?”

Entitled couldn’t stop crying, so Humility embraced her and said it’s ok, you are in good hands.  For the first time she felt something different.  She felt the love of a stranger and she wanted more of that.  Humility had shown her that her lifestyle was better and that was the point in which Entitled changed.

Humility looked at her and said today, from this day forward you no longer will be Entitled, but you will be known as Selfless!

Although this is a made up story, our culture today is no different.  We are the generation that feels like the world owes us everything just because we were born.  We no longer work for things we want but expect things to be given to us, and if it isn’t, we refuse to do it.  Perseverance doesn’t exist in our vocabulary because it requires us to take action, suck it up and keep moving forward when times get hard.  Unfortunately, we have brought this on ourselves and empowered the youth to live like this.  We have become more worried about them being happy instead of teaching them wrong and right.  And all we have done is made things worse and taken away the blessing of living a life that Jesus wants us to live; a selfless life.

If you see yourself in this story, please, it is not to late to turn to Jesus before you destroy your life with selfishness and entitlement.  Pray that God would change your heart to be more like him and live a life that is putting God first, and then others.  I hope this has been an encouragement and may God bless you.

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forgiven forgiven • May 8, 2017

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