What other people don’t know won’t hurt them, right?  We tend to compromise our sin by thinking that if we do something then that won’t effect others.

We can see that is far from the truth and everything that we do doesn’t only effect our life but it could effect the lives of those around us.  We see in 1 Kings 11 where Solomon, who was the wises and riches man in the world, was told not to intermarry with woman from other places  because they will surely turn his hearts after their gods. But, being in the mix of temptations of building his empire he didn’t listen to God and went through with marrying hundreds of women.  After a while he began to fade away from God and turned to the other gods like God told him he would.  His disobedience not only affected him, but the scripture tells us that his son would have the kingdom ripped from him and given to somebody else.  It didn’t stop there, because the people would also have to suffer from this act of disobedience of God by being ripped apart.  So it wasn’t just him that would have to suffer the consequences but also everybody around him.


Moral of the story is, even though we are saved by grace in Jesus Christ we still have to suffer for our consequences in our choices while also sometimes dragging our loved ones into it at the same time.  So remember that next time you choose what you choose because you could be bringing your loved ones into it too.

forgiven forgiven • November 17, 2011

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